H-11/H-27 (was Re: LAST CALL: Free Parts/Stuff in Austin, TX )

From: Messick, Gary <Gary.Messick_at_itt.com>
Date: Wed Jul 10 13:00:00 2002

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> This is painful to read.
> I also have an H-11 with a partially working paper tape punch and have
> been looking for the floppy drive subsystem. If it's at all
> possible I'd like
> to keep the H-27 intact, even if it ends up with Ethan.
> I have several eight-inch floppy drives along with a Cromemco system
> if you need floppy drives, but I'd hate to see the Heath
> subsystem pulled
> apart just for the drives.
> Cheers,
> Dan


I think I've rescued the drives. I have an H-27 that is using a Shugart
drive as a replacement for a bad Memorex. I hope to pick the drives up
around X-Mas. I've sent Bill a non-refundable "storgae fee" (read bribe) to
keep them until then. The H-27 doesn't include the controller (needed!), so
I'm not sure the drives would be of much use to you. I plan on keeping them
as a spare to my H-27, but if you ever find a controller, let me know, and
if I haven't need to use the second set, I'd let you have them just to get 1
more H-27 up!


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