Unsub'ing for a while.

From: Chris Smith <protheus_at_seabrook.aurdev.com>
Date: Wed Jul 10 21:18:41 2002

Hey guys,

It's Chris Smith -- formerly (yep...) csmith_at_amdocs.com. I wanted to let
everybody know not to attempt to contact me at csmith_at_amdocs.com any more.

I'm not subscribed from home, and will probably remain unsub'd while I
look for work.


echo 'set p [image create photo -height 200 -width 320 -palette {64/64/64}]
$p blank;set c {#DD00FF #000000 #AA99AA};canvas .w -height 200 -width 320
set z 0;.w create image 0 0 -anchor nw -image $p;pack .w;for {} {$z<64000} {
incr z} {set w 0;set m [expr $z%320];set x [expr 0.001875*$m];set n [
expr $z/320];set y [expr (-0.0855)*$n];while {($w<1000)&&((pow($x,2)+pow($y,2))
<=400000)} {set x [expr pow($x,2)-pow($y,2)+$m];set y [expr 2*$x*$y+$n];incr w}
$p put [lindex $c [expr $w%3]] -to $m $n;update}'|wish -
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