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Date: Fri Jul 12 12:00:01 2002

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A little slow this week as the funds get lower for the collection, but I was able to get the following items.
1. AS/400 9406 rack unit with new unopened software (OS) on 8mm tape, 8 manuals, 9337 RAB RAID Level 5 unit, 9337 controller unit, and much more for me document later. (cost was $7.50 + 5% at auction)
2. PowerServer 570 unit almost complete.
3. NES Gyromite cartridge for R.O.B. the robot, still looking for the Stack-up cartridge.
4. PCOM Honeywell 19" monitor color (made by IBM).
5. Laird 1450 character generator.
6. iomega cartridge disk subsystem CDS-PC/20.
7. Mac Performa 580CD.
8. Tandy 128K Color computer 3.
9. Book called ENIAC by Scott McCartney.
10. IBM 3516 model 7VD DASD hot swap storage expansion enclosure.
11. IBM 3151 terminal was free.
12.imapro 4x5 module (film recorder) QCR-35 with 2 other large pieces, will be traded or selling this item. Works with PC's or Mac's. Built around 1990.

Got everything above and more for about $45 and a mad wife. :-( It took 4 of us to load the 9406 on my van at the auction site and then the guy next to me at the warehouse complex used his forklift to upright the unit so we could push it into the warehouse. I had already pushed it off my van onto the ground, dumb move.
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