Any DRI employees out there???

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 12:48:01 2002

I'm looking for anyone that worked at Digital Research in 83-85 that may
have been part of the "Monterey Group" that ported GEM over to the Atari ST

I'm also looking for anyone from DRI that accompanied Gary Kildall up to
Grass Valley, CA. to Cyan Engineering's labs. They were owned by Atari
under Warner Comm. From what I've been told Gary Kildall and a group of
DRI engineers travelled up to Grass Valley to disconnect and remove the VAX
11/730 or 750, not sure which. It was payment from Atari to DRI for the GEM
porting work. I've gotten one person's account, but I need to confirm this
with a 2nd witness before I can publish this onto the
website as fact, thanks.

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