Ectomic Group ASPS Process Controller?

From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 17:08:00 2002

Wang? Sounds like a first generation VS cabinet. Likely to be a VS-45,
but could be a VS-85.

On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Sellam Ismail wrote:

> Some guy contacted me wanting information about a series of equipment
> that controlled a "huge circular saw used for cutting huge quantities of
> wood".
> I'm looking for any information on the following:
> ASPS Process Controller
> ASPS Executive Controller
> ASPS Schedule Controller
> ASPS Monitor Controller
> The labels he found indicate it was made by Ectomic Group out of
> Arlington, Texas.
> Along with these large racks are two Teletype ASR-33's.
> Apparently this is from the 1970s. My guess is that this is a process
> controller that may well be based on some mini-computer like a DEC or
> other mini-computer of the day.
> The guy who relayed this information to me is basically computer
> illiterate, so he probably can't be of any help to identify anything
> beyond what he already gave me.
> He's located near St. Louis in Pacific, Missouri. He is tasked by the
> owner of the equipment with trying to sell it to get the highest amount
> possible for it. I told him at best, if anything, to expect someone to
> come and take it away at their cost.
> He also has a Wang computer that is the "size of a dishwasher" that is
> separate from the lot above. Merle? (Sorry, no model number.)
> If someone thinks these things are worth saving, let me know and I'll put
> you in touch. My guess is that the guy will try to extract some cash from
> you for it, but that's up for any potential rescuer to deal with. An
> offer of scrap value should do it.
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