Any DRI employees out there???

From: Jim Kearney <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 19:11:00 2002

I wasn't an employee, but I worked with the GEM developers a bit in '85
while writing a GEM app. I still have a list of names in my Rolodex that
you might be able to follow up on:

Raimund Pohl, Germany
Tony Harris, UK
Rob LaTulipe, US
Don Heiskell, US
Lee Lorenzen, US
Chris Lusby-Taylor, UK

While googling for some of those names, I came across; most of these people have email
addresses listed there.


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Subject: Any DRI employees out there???

> I'm looking for anyone that worked at Digital Research in 83-85 that may
> have been part of the "Monterey Group" that ported GEM over to the Atari
> computers?
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