Any DRI employees out there???

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Jul 12 23:34:00 2002

On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Curt Vendel wrote:
> and Gates should pay for it!!! ;-)

Do you really want billG involved in it??????

You won't be able to get his money without his participation!

On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> Intergalactic Digital Research
> I third the motion...we need a book on DRI and Kildall.

If it will help anybody, I have an off the air tape of the Computer
Chronicles eulogy of Kildall. It consists of 1/2 hour or so of interviews
with his friends. NO real attempt to be objective about some issues.
For example: how many people here think that it is appropriate business
behavior (besides wanting to do it as a statement!) to blow off IBM "in
order to deliver some documentation to Oakland". Yeah, right. The head of
the company can't send a courier or employee, and has to miss the meeting
in order to deliver documentation?!?

NOTE: I have my students discuss whether it was the stupidest move evewr
made, or the bravest. - "how many of you would like to thumb your nose at
IBM and tell them to wait their turn in line?" "But would that be worth
$40 billion to you?"

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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