HP 9133H Configuration switch?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sun Jul 14 09:08:00 2002

Wayne is correct except for one point. See below.

At 10:53 PM 7/13/02 -0700, you wrote:
>> Anyone know what the 10 position Configuration switch does on the back
>of an
>> HP 9133H drive unit? I tried some google searching for info on this
>> unit and didn't come up with much.
>> I just picked up one of these drive units at a surplus store and
>hooked it
>> up to my HP Integral PC. It looks like it shows up as 9 different
>> where D001 is the floppy and D000, D100, ..., D700 are 8 disk
>> Can you configure the drive so that it shows up as fewer and larger
>> partitions?
>> -Glen
>I have the manual for this drive. Regarding the settings, for running
>Series 200 BASIC it advises to set the address between 0 to 7, and then
>to set the config switch based on the partition size you want. The
>settings are as follows:
>Setting No. of Vols. Size of
> 256
>Bytes/Sect. 1024 Bytes/Sect.
>0 One 19.92MB/Vol.
>1 One 19.92MB/Vol.
>2 Two 9.92MB/Vol.
>3 Three 6.61MB/Vol.
>4 Four 4.94MB/Vol.
>5 Five 3.93 "
>4.34 "
>6 Six 3.27 "
>3.61 "
>7 Seven 2.81 "
>3.09 "
>8 Eight 2.45 "
>2.69 "
>9 One 19.92 "
>23.33 "
>The setup portion, which assumes you have an unformatted drive and seems
>to have been written with the HP Touchscreen in mind, says to set the
>address at 9 and the configuration switch at zero. To configure the
>drive it says to boot the 9133, put the System Master Disk in the
>floppy, boot the PC, select "EASY CONFIG," select "Start Applic," select
>"Disc Drives," select "Next Step," select 9133D/H, select "Main Screen"
>and select "Exit Config."
>To format, the manual says to insert the master disk, select "Reread
>Discs", after PAM appears, select "Format," select "Start Applic",
>select "Drive B," select "Copy System," select "Start Format," select
>"Yes," -- after formatting is done select "Return."
>Once the drive is formatted, the manual says to return the address back
>to 0.

   You mean set the Configuration switch back to 0. That prevents the drive from being accidently reformated. You can set the address switch to any desired address.


 To boot from the HDD turn it on, wait for the completion of the
>self test, then turn on the PC.
>Let me know if you need any further info.
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