CRT problem

From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 05:20:01 2002

I have a 10 or12 inch green screen CRT off an HP 9845B I need to clean up. .
It has been stored in a damp environment and the silicon rubber 'bonding'
the protective glass screen to the front of the CRT proper has developed
large mould spots in side itself for an inch or two around the outside edge
of the screen. I guess I am looking for suggestions as to how to readily
separate theses two glass items without scratching etc so I can clean and
rebond them. I thought at first there was a cavity between the glass on the
CRT face and the protective glass out front- just a seal of silicon rubber
round the edge- but no such luck-- seems like the silicon rubber stuff
covers the whole area of the tube face- so I need to chemically remove it or
Any ideas??

The 9845B is running OK- getting a partial memory test failure at boot up
but I don't expect that will be too hard to sort. Anyway-- that's next
week's problem!

Dave Brown
Christchurch, NZ
Received on Mon Jul 15 2002 - 05:20:01 BST

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