Mark-8 *Faints*

From: Andy Berg <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 16:56:11 2002

'Evening all! :)

I don't quite know what to say... I suppose I just
wanted to tell some people. I'd purchased a computer
on ebay listed as, "another VERY EARLY HOMEBREW
COMPUTER," a while back for $9.00. It didn't come in a
bit over a month... I contacted the owner and waited
some more, but had pretty much given up hope on it. It
arrived today... I peered about inside... It appears
to be a Mark-8. Has at least the same CPU board... I
came very close to thumping onto the floor... It has a
homebuilt case... it's about sewing machine sized. It
has 8 ports of some type, a tape port, a control port.
Inside, it has the CPU board, some input type board,
some output type board, a board labelled add, and 2
1011 1k memory cards, all attached to a homemade bus.
I know it is missing at least a 74xx something chip
and the power supply, but... I'll put up pictures of
it sometime in the next day or two.

Thanks for hearing me rant! :)

Oh yes! Thanks, too, to the kindly people who helped
me out with the AT&T 3B1 - your help was so very
appreciated! :)


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