Mark-8??? Popped some pictures up.

From: Andy Berg <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 22:54:18 2002

Very nifty!

It is so amazing to have such knowledgable people a
click away - you all are great! :)

I promise I'll stay away from the pots. I don't know
exactly what my immediate plans are for the fellow,
ahm... I'd love to get it up and working sometime.
I'll peer about online and see if I can scare up a
suitable surplus power supply of some type. This is
perhaps the oldest machine I've had the chance to work
on... I'm quite excited, but, I think somewhat
rightfully, nervous.

Oh! I don't know if anybody would like such a thing,
but I put a little bit clearer picture of the CPU up
at: (Big file warning:

--- Loboyko Steve <> wrote:
> This does look like a Mark-8 that's been modified
> (rather craftily) to use a plug backplane.
> I'll bet the control socket on the front is where
> the
> Front panel (or maybe EPROM or ROM or maybe even
> diode?) board would go. Keep in mind that ROMs of
> any
> kind were very expensive in 1974-6 for a home
> budget,
> and no one had programmers.
> There's a lot of glare on the 8008 CPU but I think
> this is an example of a VERY early package (there
> are
> at least 2 types of C8008 packages).
> If you actually intend to get this going, I'd be
> concerned about the Molex sockets. They are
> constructed using PURE EVIL and were unreliable when
> new. Judging from the chips utilized (some no-name
> chips) and the sockets I suspect that this was built
> by a very skilled hobbyist, probably an engineer or
> senior technician working at home.
> Also, definitely check that you have +5 and -9 on
> the
> 8008. You could damage it with one missing (and
> never
> mind the 1101's).
> Someone mentioned to me at the xtal on the mark-8
> was
> optional, and you might have an RC oscillator and
> one-shots on there instead. The clock was 2-phase
> and
> would require a scope to adjust so if you see pots
> don't adjust them.

Thanks for the terrific PDF - I was hoping that some
kind person might've put the scans up as you did. Some
bedtime reading material, I think.

and --- Jim Kearney <> wrote:
> Definitely a heavily modified Mark-8. Look at the
> board prints towards the
> end of

Thanks again for everything!


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