CRT problem

From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 06:42:01 2002

Tks for the comments- Peter & Tony.
 A phone call to plumber bro-in-law is in order I guess.
 There's no question of going back as I'm beyond the pont of no return now-
the CRT was not really useable as it was.
I don't have too much concern using the CRT without the protective screen
bonded back on if I have to- something totally separate can be arranged
fairly easily due to the shape of the CRT bezel. But if I can get it off,
then rebonding it with something similar (but not hygroscopic) should not be
too difficult.
I have never till now seen a tube with this particular construction-Usually
the lamination is done with something that looks like clear epoxy resin or
similar. In any event a hard solid material.

As a matter of interest I have not seen a tube implode in service yet-
that's in over 40 years working in/around them. I suspect most accidents
occur as a result of inappropriate CRT handling. Of the maybe 200 or so of
all types I have deliberately 'depressurised' over the years the front face
has never fragmented as it is almost always the strongest and thickest glass
(except for the front corners) in the whole tube. It takes a hell of a whack
with a hammer on a depressurised CRT front face to break it- I know- I've
done it-several times!
And most of those were old non-laminated front face types-but in recent
years I have learned more 'acceptable' behaviour as I have matured. Now I
collect them rather than destroy them!!

 Acetic acid and acetone were high on the 'possibles' list. Something called
THF is evidently another.
If I can't find a chemical solution (unlikely) I may have to resort to a
piano wire and a pair of heavy weights- and I'll be well out of the room
when that's going on!

 Dave Brown
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