Motherlode or scrap ?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 22:32:00 2002

> --- "Zane H. Healy" <> wrote:
> > Warning, collecting Mini's is a dangerous disease that will seriously
> > effect you mentally (what might be even worse is how it effects your
> > amount of empty storage space).
> True. I have mine spread amongst 4 locations (several thousand sq ft
> total). I'm looking into buying a warehouse between my house and the
> airport. The main building (of four) is 100' x 160'. The good news
> is that it happens to already *be* one of my four locations (the owner
> has been casually looking to sell for a couple of years and recently
> asked me if I was interested; I'm crunching numbers ;-). One nice
> thing is I'll finally be able to deploy my raised floor (rescued from
> a former employer 10 years ago). If this doesn't work, I'll be putting
> up a new (much smaller than that) building next to the quonset hut at
> the farm.
> > I recommend avoiding it at all costs.
> >
> > Zane
> Absolutely. In fact, you should call one of us to save you from
> the peril. :-)

You do realized that you just proved my point (as well as Ben's)?

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