Motherlode or scrap ?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 00:20:00 2002

> > Honeywell CPUE 111
> > Morel DP S6/92
> >
> > There were many other things. Honeywell equipment, large printers. etc.
> > that I didn't write down.
> As much as I hate Honeywell computers, I'd say that whatever you found there
> that's Honeywell related is probably the most worthy of being rescued. All in
> all, it seems to be pretty rare for any collector to have Honeywell stuff in
> their collection (I know Sellam has a DPS-6).
> BTW, I'm wondering if that "Morel DP S6/92" isn't a Honeywell DPS-6/92.
> > Do you think that the Gods are now demanding that I collect mini's, teasing
> > me first with the Pro 350's I rescued from the town dump recently?
> > And in the wilds of north central Manitoba.(Where in hell is that ?)
> > "Winnipegosis sounds like a disease."
> Warning, collecting Mini's is a dangerous disease that will seriously effect you
> mentally (what might be even worse is how it effects your amount of empty
> storage space). I recommend avoiding it at all costs.
> Zane

 After years of cramming my micro collection in 1 BR city apartments, I
finally have a place with enough room to to mount them. And now this !!
 The Gods are being unfair.

 Neither I nor the proprietors have any idea of the value of these items. But of
couure it is likely to be inflated if there is any interest. And how in the hell
could you afford the freight charges if you wanted to ship them. I might just
offer my first-born childrens children and become rich on e-pay sales of DEC
key boards. Paxton, where are you when I need you.

 I must admit that those Mag units were sexy. ( In a Liiinux kind of way)
 BUT it's NOT Atari !!!

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