HP-IL (was Re: HP9000 model 710 workstation(Apollo 700).)

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Jul 17 02:57:09 2002

>> need to know what sort of KB it uses, it looks like a funky RJ-45 ish
>> KB
> It's called HPIL I think .. HP Interface loop. You can find these on
> eBay of from collectors that have excess stock :).

It might use HP-HIL, Hewlett-Packard Human Interface Loop.

But it does *not* use HP-IL (Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop).
HP-IL is *completely* different, and won't do anything for you.
Roughly speaking, HP-IL is a serial equivalent of IEEE-488 (aka HPIB,
GPIB). While it's theoretically possible to build a keyboard with an
HP-IL interface, as far as I know HP never offered one.

An HP-IL interface was standard on the HP-75 handheld computers and
the HP-110 and Portable Plus laptops. HP-IL interface modules were
available for the HP-41 calculator, HP-71B handheld computer, Series-80
desktop computers, HP-9807 Integral. An ISA-bus interface card was
available for PCs.

When HP-IL was introduced, HP published the detailed specifications, but
they weren't sure whether they wanted to sell their interface chip, part
number 1LB3. I was a beta tester for the component kit, which included
the 1LB3, pulse transformers, HP-IL connectors, passive components, and
documentation. I built an interface card for the Apple ][, which almost
became a Mountain Computer product. HP introduced the component kit
as the 82166C.

At one time it was announced that National Semiconductor would second
source the 1LB3 chip; IIRC the part number was to be NSC851. As far as
I know, National never actually offered it for sale.
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