Motherlode or scrap ?

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 13:19:01 2002

A DPS-6/92 is a 32-bit member of the DPS-6 (formerly known as Level 6)
family.. Ran GCOS mod 400 or mod 600, possibly the Ultimate OS as well (a
Pick OS for DPS-6s).. Well I'm fairly sure its 32-bit, earlier DPS-6s were
16-bitters but I'm nearly certain that a 6/92 is a 32 bit.. I believe the
maximum memory for it is 4 million words.. Fast fast machine, mid to late
1980's vintage.. What peripherals are wih it? Honeywell's line printers were
mainly Dataproducts units, the terminals should be VIP7xxx family I believe,
could possibly be branded as Bull, since Groupe Bull bought Honeywell's
computer division after years of co-development.. Disk drives I believe are
OEM'd CDC units, same with mag tape drives... I don't know if anyone else
would, but I'd sure pay money for it and all the related bits.. Hope you've
gained some info on it from my description..

Will J

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