Stuff available: PDP-8 desk, Masscomp

From: Shawn Rutledge <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 18:55:01 2002

I have to get rid of some of this bulky stuff that I'm not getting much
use out of...

I have a PDP8 desk (sunken area for console, rack under the left side)
that I was using for my PC workstation but have since built another
desk that holds more equipment, so this one is now surplus. The power
controller that came with it is available depending on how much you
want to offer. I never had the computer itself; I found this desk at
ASU surplus several years ago. I found a picture of it on the 'net a
while ago but have lost the link.

I have a Masscomp of some kind. It's dusty now and I haven't tested
it, but a friend unloaded it on me a couple years ago and told me it
worked the last he knew; it has a hard drive and floppy, and a lot of
serial ports. It is mounted in a rack about 4' high, which is
half-empty. I have a lot of manuals and disks etc. for it. I was told
this is an early real-time Unix system using the 68K processor.

I live in Phoenix, AZ and you would need to pick these up. I'm open
for offers of any kind on either of them.

Please email; I will try to check the list but I'm
subscribed in digest mode and will be more likely to notice if you
email me directly.

. _______ Shawn T. Rutledge / KB7PWD
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 __) | | \______________________________________________

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