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Date: Wed Jul 17 20:45:01 2002

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> > Reminds me of the first TV I ever had-- an old Ekco (darned if I know
> > that fine product of the UK got to NZ-'twas a 'modified' dual std
east --
> > 405 and 625 line stds- for the usa readers) It had a 1/4 inch plate

Made it to Oz as well. We had one of those as our very first tv set circa
Finally blew up permanently around 1969. (As in smoke/flame etc). Mum &
bought a Kriesler, still valve based. (No colour here until mid 70's).
Worked fairly well, needed a visit from a valve jockey about once a year on
the 1S2 EHT Rectifier and/or the 6CM5 HOP valve were the usual culprits.

Some of the Decca valve/transistor Colour hybrids made it here as well.
Fixed one for some friends as recently
as 5 years ago. AFAIK, it's still going. They called a local tv repair
place, the guy took
the back off and stared at it for a minute or so, then put the back on and
told them he had
no idea where to get valves these days. So they rang me.
10 min and a Line Output tube later, it was going again. (I had a small
collection of valves,
mostly ex tv stuff, fortunately I had one of the right type.)


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