Bootstrapping a CP/M system to usability :)

From: Ross Archer <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 21:46:04 2002

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > I can boot CP/M+ on Commie, but the distribution
> > is very minimal. It doesn't even include ED.
> Eh? I could have sworn that ED was on the disk, or at least somewhere in
> the C128 distribution set.

It's second-hand (or more).
For all I know, the original
owner accidentally deleted those files.
It seemed strange to me too, that there was help
for so many commands that just weren't there
on the disk.

> How many disks do you have?

One CP/M disk.

> > It does have PIP, if this is useful,
> Oh, only slightly. :-)

> > software to do the trick (but I don't think it can write MFM
> > as needed by C128 CP/M mode.)
> The Commodore CP/M format is actually GCR -- the 1571 just can read MFM
> formats as well, but it's natively GCR actually (so that the 1541 can be
> used to boot C128 CP/M too).

Hmm, are you sure that's not the C64 with CP/M
cartridge only, and the C128 is actually true
MFM-capable? That's what I've read on the web somewhere.

My C128 manual recommends you purchase CP/M
software formatted for various Kaypro and
Osborne machines, which are obviously MFM.
Since at least some of these programs have to
write configuration files (pretty sure Wordstar
had to run a "Winstall" (ironically) program).

It would seem pretty useless if you could purchase
software and then couldn't configure it.

At least I didn't see anything in the C128 manual
about converting your Kaypro disks before you
installed the software. May have missed something

Maybe I could DMA in the data for an XMODEM
program with toggle switches. :)

-- Ross

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