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> Tony Duell wrote:
> >
> > > Some of the Decca valve/transistor Colour hybrids made it here as
> I thought Decca was a record company famous
> for such standards as Ella Fitzgerald.
> Or is this another one of those "Lyon"
> stories like when a restaurant chain became
> a computer company, a record company made
> tubes. :)

Decca made lots of things. Radio, radar etc.
Even hyperbolic radio navigation systems amongst other things. Decca (the
nav system) is the same/similar to LORAN.
LORAN, OMEGA and other similar style systems were a sort of predecessor to
GPS using LF and VLF radio from a series
of ground stations.

It's a little known fact that during WW2 the Germans built such a system
that covered the Bay of Biscay, apparently for
the use of their U Boats. The Brits, via Enigma decodes and such became
aware of it, analysed it and were prepared to jam it.
Before they did, however, British Scientific Intelligence asked RAF Coastal
Command if they could use an accurate radio nav system that
covered the Bay of Biscay. Told YES in no uncertain terms, charts and
equipment to use it were produced, and Coastal Command used the system
the Germans had so kindly provided with great success until the wars end.
The system was taken over post war and was still in use for marine nav
in the region until relatively recently, (around 10-15 years ago IIRC).

Geoff in Oz
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