Bootstrapping a CP/M system to usability

From: Ross Archer <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 15:33:00 2002

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Subject: Re: Bootstrapping a CP/M system to usability

> This one is simple.
> 1) Get a 5.25" drive for your pc.
> 2) Download a copy of 22 disk.
> 3) Download any cp/m stuff you want
> 4) Use 22 disk to format a floppy as Osborne DD or Kaypro DD
> 5) Copy the files to the floppy
> 6) Stick the floppy in your 1571

Thanks for the tip, and thanks to all for many good ideas.

 For the CP/M, yours sounds like the best
approach. I have a stack of 360K floppies I want
to archive anyways, so a 360K floppy drive is an
investment in junk that pays dividends anyways.
Off to Weird Stuff in search of... :)

For C64/128 stuff, I may resort to the XE1541
cable approach -- after I sort through about 100 disks
completely jammed with C64 software. :)

 I did a bunch of dejanewsing (as opposed to googling
I guess) late last night and found an ftp site with a program
you can download to format, read, and write floppies in a
PeeCee drive in various CP/M formats. I'll lalso look for
22disk now.

> Keep the 22-disk handy as you can transfer the other way as well.
> This is how I moved boat-load of cp/m stuff to my pc about 15 years ago
> when I converted to the dark side.

I converted to the dark side about then too.
But I like Cameron Kaiser's organization field.
I want to be an 8-bit subversive. :)

-- Ross

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