HP-IL (was Re: HP9000 model 710 workstation(Apollo 700).)

From: Carlos Murillo <carlos_murillo_at_epm.net.co>
Date: Thu Jul 18 20:22:00 2002

At 01:42 AM 7/19/02 +0100, you wrote:
>Some of the points I make below also apply to other messages, but I'll
>attempt to save bandwidth by putting them all together. I have found some
>technical info on HP-HIL (actually in an HP-SUX manual...)

Hey, I *like* HPUX... I've been a user since '89.

Not too sophisticated, but very robust. For me, that counts a lot.
When I sysadmined (basic tasks) a few Solaris and Linux systems I found
that I had to spend much more time on those than on HPUX.

Note: I like them all.


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