Todays Find - answer to Mac Question

From: Keys <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 22:32:01 2002

The Mac in that lot was a Performa 578 and was on my list to look for. In
one of the other lots I got two Performa 5200CD's, one in bad shape but will
be used for parts. Also one of the bidders there seen me getting all the Mac
stuff and went to his truck and came back with a Performa 635CD and gave it
to me for free.
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> >At a auction today I purchased a lot to get a Mac Performa that was in
> >of the 3 boxes that made up the lot. Later I was loading stuff on dolly
> >to haul out to the van and found a HP 97 calculator in a leather carrying
> >case. In the case was the calculator and two little notebooks marked
> >HP-67/HP-97 Games Pac 1 (with 23 games) and the other was HP-67/HP-97
> >Standard Pac (with 14 ). It's missing the charger (the batteries are
> >and there are no manuals. There was 6 19" Sun monitors left by another
> >bidder and I picked up one of them, it's a model GDM-1962B.
> Yeah Yeah Yeah thats nice... now tell me about the Mac!
> :-)
> -chris
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