Todays Find - answer to Mac Question

From: Keys <>
Date: Fri Jul 19 10:54:00 2002

No, I'm 23 short to have all 103 models between 1984 and 1995. I have also
collected over 30 other models that were not on my original list. I also
have many dup's that I will be trading/selling in the near future. I now
have over 250 Mac's in storage right now. I stopped counting the II's,
IIplus, IIe's, IIc's, IIc+, and IIgs's I have in storage also.
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> >The Mac in that lot was a Performa 578 and was on my list to look for. In
> >one of the other lots I got two Performa 5200CD's, one in bad shape but
> >be used for parts. Also one of the bidders there seen me getting all the
> >stuff and went to his truck and came back with a Performa 635CD and gave
> >to me for free.
> Doesn't that put you like 3 Macs away from having one of each?
> Lucky dog
> -chris
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