Indianapolis Hamfest Haul

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Date: Sat Jul 20 13:43:01 2002

John Boffemmyer IV <> wrote:

> As I imitate James Hetfield of Metallica... ATi Good. ATi GOOD! (instead of
> beer).

Or maybe Bobby 'Boris' Picket saying.... Mash Good
Or the Toyes parody of Bobby's song saying.... Hash Good

> Can't say anything good about the Compaq,

I hear that!

> I've repaired too many and worked with too many to go delving into my
> personal opinion...

Probably not too far from mine.

Since I already had a Portable III, hard to turn down another one.
The 5 1/4 went out on my first one and I replaced it with 3 1/2, so at
least this one is still 'original' equipment.

As far as later Compaq gear, give it to someone else, or gut it out for
useful items.

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