Multibus ST-506/QIC-02 (was: Re: SGI IRIS 1400 ...)

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sat Jul 20 16:51:01 2002

On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Joe wrote:
> At 02:22 AM 7/20/02 -0500, you wrote:
> >This system uses a Vertex V170 (60MB?) ST-506 drive. Is anyone familiar
> >with them? I'm guessing I may just end up having to replace the drive with
> >something else. Does anyone have any brands/models they'd suggest trying
> >in this system?
> I once attempted to repair one of HP's HP-IB hard drives used a Vertex
> drive internally. I THINK it was a V160 but I'm not sure now. I never
> did find a replacement that would work. IIRC I tried other brand drives
> but I couldn't LL format the new drive with the normal user stuff from
> HP so I don't know if the replacement drives were incompatible or ?? or
> if the replacements failed due to my inability to LL format them. I
> suspect you'll run into a similar problem. In addition, you'll lose all
> your SW if you replace the drive. If I were you I'd do my best to get
> that drive working again. The fact that it spins up initailly is a
> promising sign. I did look through my HP disk drive notes but I couldn't
> find anything that told what model HP used the Vertex drive.
> If you find a useable replacement or manage to resurrect that drive I'd
> be interested in hearing what you learn.

The DCD 5215 will support several different types of drives depending on
how the configuration jumpers are set, so hopefully if I can't resurrect
the V170, I can at least make some sort of 60MB+ ST-506 drive work in the

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