new retro computing

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Jul 20 19:36:40 2002

 There's a surplus dealer in the Calgary "oilpatch" called GEOS that seems
to have an amazing amount of stock that they sell mainly on E-Pay. Their
Can. shipping is also very reasonable.


> Still plugging away of a TTL style cpu in a FPGA I have found some terminals
> localy. How ever I am still looking for a serial RS232 mass storage device in
> Canada that is not tacky looking like a old Pee-Cee. For now I am using a old
> 486 with a serial program to download bootstrap programs but looking around
> since summer is a good time to collect stuff. Baud rate of 300 or better would
> be nice. -- Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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