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From: Clayton Frank Helvey <msspcva_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jul 20 22:07:00 2002

--- Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net> wrote:
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> > Clayton Frank Helvey wrote:
> > From what I recall, the Model 12 and 16 systems
> > were about the size of a modern 19 or 21 inch CRT,
> > and that was the entire system - monitor, keybd,
> > CPU and floppies all built together more or less.
> > Hard drives
> > would hang off the back IO bus adapter or possibly
> > could be mounted internally.
> >
> How do you "hang" PC XT sized HDs off the back ?
> Lawrence

Sorry - the Model 4 uses an external HD controller
which attaches to the IO bus output of the main system
unit with a 50 pin (or so) ribbon cable. I think the
Model 12 and 16 systems either used that same type of
interface, or the HD and controller could be put
inside the case. Since the drives are located outside
the box via the ribbon cable I describe it as
'hanging' off the back.

The Model 4 system I have will work with any ST506
interface disk, so the drives don't have to be
full-height 5.25 inch ones. But, there's only so much
storage the Model 4's LSDOS can handle - I think my
20MB St225 ended up being 4 2.25 MB partitions, for
instance. Since the original disks RS sold for these
were maybe 5MB, it wasn't a big deal. The Xenix O/S
on the Model 12 and/or 16 could probably use a larger
drive, but I don't know.

-- Frank

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