Multibus ST-506/QIC-02 (was: Re: SGI IRIS 1400 ...)

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Jul 21 07:37:01 2002

At 09:57 PM 7/20/02 -0700, Frank wrote:
>Joe <> wrote:
>> I once attempted to repair one of HP's HP-IB hard drives used a
>> Vertex drive internally. I THINK it was a V160 but I'm not sure now.
>> I never did find a replacement that would work. IIRC I tried other
>> brand drives but I couldn't LL format the new drive with the normal
>> user stuff from HP so I don't know if the replacement drives were
>> incompatible or ?? or if the replacements failed due to my inability
>> to LL format them.
>Part of the problem is that the HP controller in the drive expects to
>see a high-level format on the drive. Back around HP-UX 7.0 I found
>some arguments to mediainit (-GD I think; the finding was done by
>running "strings" on the mediainit executable and looking for a
>getopt(3)-style option parsing string) that got it to tell the drive
>to do a low-level format and write a new high-level format as well.
>Made the disk portion of a 7946 usable again after going "bad" and
>being formatted in a PC for testing.

   The problem was that I was running it off of a HP 9000 Series 200 and only had access to BASIC and Pascal. They have routines for high level formatting a drive but not LL formating. On some drives the high level format command seemed to do the LL format as well and I could replace the internal HD, run format and all for well. But on other drives I couldn't get the high level format to run. I don't remember the error msgs now but it indicated that the drive needed a LL format. I had a whole pile of defective drives that I played around with and IIRC I was able to replace the internal HDs in those that used Seagate drives and reformat them successfully but not the ones that used the Vertex or HP built HDs.

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