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From: Peter C. Wallace <>
Date: Sun Jul 21 15:05:00 2002

On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Eric Smith wrote:

> >> Just store your RIM loader in the serial PROM after the FPGA
> >> configuration. After the FPGA is configured, it can read the serial
> >> PROM into memory.
> > If the FPGA design used a micro-controler and Flash memory I would have
> > no problems with that idea. The design uses a One-Time-Programable
> > serial prom Altera EPC1441 in a 20 pin PLCC package. A rather hard
> > part for me to find and get programmed localy. Thanks for the idea
> > however.
> Why not use the Atmel or Xilinx reprogrammable parts? They will work
> fine with Altera FPGAs. They don't have special programming requirements,
> so you can burn them yourself, over and over without spending more money.

Another option is to use a SST45LV010 (1 mbit) serial flash chip and an 8 pin
PIC. The combination costs less than the Xilinx or Atmel PROMS and the FPGA
configuration can be downloaded to the flash chip via a standard serial

> Also, I don't see any reason why you'd need a microcontroller to be
> involved. Some of my FPGA designs read extra data from their own config
> PROM, with no microcontroller involved. I just hooked up the config pins
> to some I/O pins. During config, all the I/O pins are high-Z, so they
> don't interfere with the configuration.

Peter Wallace
Mesa Electronics
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