next batch of things to sell/give away

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Jul 21 15:42:01 2002

I've got another batch of things to get rid of. Not everthing is free
this time. If any of my prices are out of line, please feel free to
counter offer.

Free + shipping:

-2 empty drive bay covers for BA440 series DEC cabinets

-M7165 with ribbon cables

-IBM WDS-380 scsi drive, 80megs, full height 3.5"

-big pot with knob, new, made by Clarostat? 3 terminals, 06-115921-019,
625-7917, unknown values

-Namco limit switch, mounted on a plate, rated for both AC and DC, 125v
at 15amps AC or .5amps DC.

-IBM 8bit ISA serial/parallel card with NS16450N uart, from an AT

-generic PC floppy cable :-)

-WDC 8/16 bit ISA 256K VGA card

For sale plus shipping:

-2 fan trays with fans from a DEC R400X DSSI expansion chassis.... these
are the same as the ones in any BA440 chassis right? $10.00 each

-1 power supply from DEC R400X DSSI expansion chassis. I assume this os
also the same as for the BA440. $20

-Kensington System Saver Mac, this is for a Plus, SE, etc. It's in
great shape. $20.00

-SCO Open Desktop 2.0.0 on QIC tape. I tried installing it, and I think
I had a bad tape drive.... NT wouldn't see the drive either. I picked
it up used but the tape had never been opened until I opened it. It is
in the original box with all manuals and license card. $5.00

-2 Belkin narrow centronics style 6 foot scsi cables and a no-name
terminator of some kind, probably passsive. All in new condition. $15.00

-generic scsi drive case, narrow with centronics style connectors, will
accept either a HD or a cdrom.... has two face plates. Never used for
more than a few minutes, stored most of the time. Still in box. $15.00

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Sun Jul 21 2002 - 15:42:01 BST

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