Minox 35 GL shutter sticking occasionally.

From: jpero_at_sympatico.ca <(jpero_at_sympatico.ca)>
Date: Sun Jul 21 20:30:01 2002

Hi Tony,

Years ago, I did tear apart junked cameras when I was younger and

It was been repaired before for that same shutter sticking problem
but problem remains. Then owner gave it to me and told me "fix it
for yourself and keep it".

This is manual camera with two Cds, can adjust the shutter timing
etc and hot plate for flash which I have for it as well.

Only thing I would like to know for suggestions on hopefully getting
at the shutter mechism without tear most of the camera apart.

To complicate this issue it has flip down door intead of dust cap
that extends and retract the lense (reminds of old large format
bellows camera). The shutter is on rear of moveable lenses assembly.

Body is made of glass reinforced plastic and some metal in key areas.
Made by Germany. Small size camera like those disposable but it's
much older and has quality and use 35mm film.


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