Adaptec ACB-4070 was Re: ST-225 help needed

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 22:54:01 2002

At 06:26 PM 7/22/02 -0700, Ethan wrote:
>--- Don Maslin <> wrote:
>> The ACB-4000 Series User Manual is about 1/2" thick, Joe, and is not
>> partitioned by specific models. But, I see no reason why a regular SCSI
>> drive could not be installed in lieu of the ACB-4070 and ST-411/506
>> interface drive. Seems to me that I have gone the other way once.
>My experiences with Adaptec bridge controllers is that they don't
>support an IDENT packet,

   That's correct according to what I've been able to find out.

 so the host has to "know" the geometry,
>meaning that _you_ will have to know the geometry of the embedded
>SCSI drive and tell the host since it will not think to ask the
>drive itself.

    Hmmm. But how do you tell it the geometry? The User's manual for the system indicated that there are only two drives that work with this system. I wonder if that's because the geometry is hard coded into the HD setup program?

>Additionally, whatever (low level) formatting software comes with the host
>might or not might not work with an embedded drive. Modern drives will
>ignore harmful commands, so it's not a risk to the drive, but if there
>is a canned procedure for installing the OS (old variants of UNIX come
>to mind), it might or might not succeed with an embedded drive if it
>was written to expect an ACB-4xxx.

   That's what I'm afraid of.

>Finally, most Adaptec bridge controllers I know of did support multiple
>LUNs. Some SCSI drives won't like being probed for LUNs and may return
>a hit for every LUN probed (I've seen that happen with some drives on
>an Amiga 3000 which optionally supports multiple LUNs per target ID)

   Wonderfull! More problems.

>If none of the above differences trip you up, then you should have no
>problem using an embedded SCSI drive in place of your ACB-4070.

   I think that should have been <B>IF</B>!

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