Adaptec ACB-4070 was Re: ST-225 help needed

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Jul 23 16:10:01 2002

Yep! I have that manual. Now ... where? That may take a day or two.

The 4070 is an RLL adapter, IIRC. The 4010 was the MFM version, methinks.
BTW, it may be just the speed control on the drive. If it drifts off, the
existing format may not "fit" the time window the controller allows.



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Subject: Adaptec ACB-4070 was Re: ST-225 help needed

> Does anyone have a Setup and Installation manual for an Adaptec ACB-4070
bridge board? Adaptec has dropped support of these and it's no longer on the
web. Does anyone know if I can simply replace this and the MFM drive that's
connected to it with a regular SCSI drive? My SB-180 uses this board and a
Tulin TL 226 drive and the drive is dying.
> Joe
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