ST-225 help needed

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Tue Jul 23 21:50:00 2002

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> P.S. - DEC, of course, did it differently... it's
> entirely possible to hose yourself by moving ST506/ST412
> drives from PeeCees onto an RQDX3 without moving
> any jumpers - unlike a PeeCee, the RQDX can blow away
> critial portions of the lower tracks if you have two
> drives responding to the same select - the hardware
> is fine, but you'll have to reprep the drive. I'm
> pretty sure I've done this to myself at least once.

Jerome Fine replies:

It also happens with the RQDX1 and probably the RQDX2,
but only when you use the BA23 box. In that case, DU0:
must be set as DS3 and DU1 must be set as DS4. If you
happen the use 2 * RD52 hard drives and set both as DS3,
then you will find out very quickly that a FORMAT operation
for BOTH drives is the next operation that is required. My
knowledge was also acquired from personal experience.

Fortunately, if you use the BA123 box with the standard I/O
distribution board specifically made for the BA123, all hard
drives use DS3.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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