From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 02:49:00 2002

On 2002.07.22 06:57 Tarsi wrote:

> What do you all recommend I run on my Sun IPC machines for an OS?
NetBSD if it has to be a free *ix, because it runs well on that hardware
and it is a good, nice and clean *ix. I use a SPARC ELC (same age) with
NetBSD for toasting CDRs. (Wait for NetBSD 1.6. It will be released
SunOS 4 if you happen to have a copy / license, because this is the
"native" OS for this hardware. It is somewhat "old", but still a good
bais for your work.

I don't have any experience with OpenBSD, so I can't say more about it.
It may do as well as NetBSD.
Linux will do too, but to my experience it creeps on Sun4c machines and
is / was buggy as hell.
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