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Date: Wed Jul 24 12:25:00 2002

Hello, I received both of these message yesterday and I cannot help the people. Anyone have an answer for them? Please respond driectly to them and not me, thanks:
I am looking for a converter to convert some old Wordstar documents.

I'm wondering if you might have one handy and could email it here (Sydney, Australia).

Or else, do you have any idea where I could get one on the web.

I have had a search but with little precise luck.

It looks like Microsoft offers a massive 12+ Mb solution to everything which likely would contain it.

I will come at that if needs be but thought I'd first try to just get a simple worstar-only translator if I can. Years ago I used to have such things myself but I no longer could locate it now.

Kind Regards
John Byrnes, Geologist
Ref: xerox computer/ser.#m92-013062/1983/bios ver. 5.00
Would you have any info on this machine? I am not certain if it works so I need to obtain it's original operating system or at least a start-up disk. I would like to try and move it for a friend. He has a pawn shop, and this is a case where he got the shaft. A little joke. He is a fair person as far as I can see, and I just want to help him if I can. Any help you might send my way about this machine would be helpful. All it has as far as a model is xerox both on the monitor, and the cpu. I needed to type aa: to get it to recognize the floppy drive of which it has two 51/4" drives. The monitor is connected to the cpu with two wide insulated ribbon cables. the serial, parallel, and keyboard ports are at the back of the monitor at the bottom. It is a different configuration than I am used to, but it seems to work. I don't believe it has a hard drive, but I haven't taken the hood off to check. The drives search the disks I have put in, but to no avail. I think it might be that cm/p operating system, like the old
 kpro I have, but there again I am not certain. I hope that what info I have given is sufficient to identify this machine.

Thanks , Jimmy Dean Fisher ,
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