How to Print CD Label

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 21:44:01 2002

>chris wrote:

> >I need some help with a ".tif" file. A scan was made of a CD label.
> >The label can be printed on a laser printer and the result is great,
> >but in the wrong position.
> If you are printing to an Avery or compatible label, you can download
> free templates from Avery's web site. The templates work with in MS Word

Jerome Fine replies:

While I am not sure who produced the labels I have, I did manage to
download the Avery software. Thank you.

Thank you also to John Foust for his suggestions and everyone else
who replied.

> Avery also sells some very nice label printing software that works with
> 99% of their labels (they are a little slow to update the software, so
> the newest label formats may not be supported, but as of right now,
> everything I have ever seen sold is supported).
> Their label software allows you to print full sheets of labels, or any
> number of labels to a sheet, and lets you pick the starting point on the
> sheet (so you can use a partially used sheet). They also support graphic
> importing, as well as mail merge, so you can print custom worded labels
> for each label.

I was able to transfer the image from the ".tif" files that I was sent (THANK

YOU - you know who you are) to both of the labels in the template of CD
labels. But when I printed the file on a blank sheet of paper, I was
that the quality is rather poor compared to the original RT-11 CD label that
I already have. This was NOT the fault of the scan, but of the conversion
software. I assume that the original label which uses only normal characters

of 3 different sizes was able to avoid the problem.

The other difficulty is that the actual images of the labels are not
aligned with the location of where the physical label is located on the sheet

which holds the actual sticky labels. While the offset is only about 1/4",
that distance is quite noticeable. But when I attempt to use the Avery
program, there does not seem to be anything I can do to shift the labels.
Can anyone suggest anything from their experience? This is using
Windows 98 SE where I am a dummy!!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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