How to Print CD Label

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 22:10:00 2002

>which holds the actual sticky labels. While the offset is only about 1/4",
>that distance is quite noticeable. But when I attempt to use the Avery
>program, there does not seem to be anything I can do to shift the labels.
>Can anyone suggest anything from their experience? This is using
>Windows 98 SE where I am a dummy!!

If you are using the MS Word templates, I think you can just adjust the
lines or margins to shift the image offset.

If you are using the actual Avery LabelPro software, there is a printer
nudge feature (at least on the Mac, I don't really use the PC version
often so I'm not 100% sure on that, but I would think it is there too).
With the printer nudge, you can tell it to offset the image in incriments
(1/100th of an inch IIRC). That offset will let you move it up/down or
left right.

I have found that the Avery LablePro software doesn't seem to print the
very bottom of the image on my DeskJet 855. It drops about the last 1/4"
of the image (not offset, but rather just missing). It seems to be just
that printer that it happens with, and I'm not 100% positive that it
isn't the printer doing it (read: I haven't really tried it with other
software to see if everything is just missing at that point, but nothing
else has popped out at me). With my laser printers, the images always
print correctly (so my color CD backgrounds I just used a striped image
so you can't tell the bottom is cut off, rather it just looks like part
of the image design)

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