Teletypes and a Univac

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 18:49:01 2002

Two things of note:

There is a warehouse in Northern New Jersey I am currently cleaning out
with lots of Teletypes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are old
types, "new" types, 5 level, 8 level, probably some Kleinschmidts and
Seimens, paper tape readers, repeaters, test sets, even some of the weird
wall-mount Teletypes. And parts - thousands of parts, many never used,
still in the wrappings. Many of these units are military surplus, some
from World War 2.

Prices are right - most of it can be had for a cold beverage. It all has
to go, and the scrap metal dumpster is calling.

Contact me off list for details. I can not ship anything - it is all
pick-up only. Hours are mostly Monday thru Friday 10 thru 5-ish, although
if you think you will take bunches of the stuff, Saturday *may* be an
option. There is a loading dock.

(if someone could post this to the Greenkeys list, that would be great)

In other news...

Somehow between days of backbreaking warehouse work in the Garden State, I
need to pick up a big old Univac 9300 soon. Loading should not be a
problem, but I may need a hand at my house, unloading, in Carmel, NY (that
is near Danbury, CT). Pizza and beer on me. Any takers?

William Donzelli
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