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From: Tony Eros <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 20:21:01 2002

William -

I'd like to snag some of the gear, if possible. I'll be in Lyndhurst (near
the NJ Meadowlands) on Monday and Tuesday -- any chance I could stop
by? Do you think there'll be much left by then?


-- Tony

At 09:04 PM 7/25/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I would like to add that things are pretty much going to be
>first-come-first-served at the warehouse. Also, I have no inventory of
>what is there - just the experience of digging thru the piles. If you
>want, please ask about the availablitity of anything, but just don't
>quote me on it...
>William Donzelli
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