Calling PS2 owners: machine needed (in Texas?)

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Fri Jul 26 17:27:00 2002

Folks with plenty of PS2 parts, etc. to spare,
        SwRI sent around the following notice this afternoon:

>2. Old Computers/ Parts Needed
>Division 08 has a specific application where an old personal computer system
>must be kept operational for a few more years. Can anyone make available
>parts (hard drives, floppy drives, etc) or complete computers of the IBM
>PS2, Model 30, 286 type? Please contact Brian Koehler at ext. 3588 or e-mail
>(mail to: ). Payment can be arranged as needed.

        This isn't exactly a hobby use, but it does concern on-topic
machines; apologies in advance if this kind of post is not welcome here.
Full phone number is (210)-522-3588 for Brian, or (210)-522-6025 for me if
you want to check with me first, or email me at
        SwRI is in San Antonio, Texas, and I assume that that's where the
machine is needed - will update if that's not true.
                                                                - Mark
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