Multibus ST-506/QIC-02 (was: Re: SGI IRIS 1400 ...)

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Date: Sat Jul 27 01:42:01 2002

> Seems like it might be time to open up the HDA...
> -Toth

Is those one of V170 drives that made that *TINGggg!* like pong ping
ball dropped on hard tabletop noise when finishes spun up and head
arm hit zero track stop then made faint whir noise while it finds the
servo track?

I think these stops in those has no rubber (to stick) or locks so you
don't have those that heads got stuck like on those early MFM/RLL,
early small capacity with clear paint casing w/ aluninum
top w/ cone head philips screws style micropolis drives. Head arm in
parked position presses against one of rubber stop and got stuck hard
enough that powerful voice coil couldn't pull free. Fix: open it up
and with park lock soleoid (easy to see, it's external) depressed
(from bottom), tug the arm free, put cover back on, run it up hooked
to the computer, back up data, trash that crap.

I fixed V170 up to get data recovered then threw out HD by wiping
that platters. (!!) Because heads was squealing like crying pig with
a painful thing somewhere. Heads were plowing through dirty tracks
and it vibrated. That was around '94 or so.


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