latest anti-haul from the local Goodwill

From: chris <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 13:31:00 2002

>Actually, I haven't found much of any computer stuff
>at that particular Goodwill in the last few months.... I wonder if they
>are turning it away or pitching it.

The Salvation Army store near me, told me that they turn away CPU
donations (but take all other computer parts). Beacuse they had too many
people buying them, and then expecting support or wanting to return it
when it didn't work right (I guess the large "everything is AS IS, all
sales final" signs thruout the store weren't enough).

However, on a whim, I drove around the back of their place where you drop
off stuff one sunday (the place is closed on sundays... stupid blue laws
of the town it is in). When I took a look, there were 3 early pentiums
sitting on the ground, complete systems (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse,
printer, software, speakers, you name it). So, my guess is, they only
turn away those that they notice, I don't know what they do with the ones
that get dropped off when no one is there (I would have taken them, but
there was someone dropping off clothes at the time... I felt a little
guilty ripping off a goodwill store, at least in front of other people).

Maybe you can ask them at your store what their policy is. One of these
days I plan to go in and mention my "sighting" in hopes that I can
convince them to give me a chance to buy all unwanted CPUs before they do
whatever with them.

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