Panasonic KXP4400 - CHNG DRUM U27

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 13:51:00 2002

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> My prized laser printer, a Panasonic KXP4400, has just decided that
> the drum needs changing. I've put it into Service Mode and the drum
> pagecounter is only 2800; the drum is supposed to last 6000 sheets. I've
> come to the conclusion that the printer thinks the waste toner tank on
> the side of the OPC mech needs replacing. The OPC drum (the green
> roller) is fine; it's been printing OK for a while. Anyone know how to
> remove and empty the waste toner tank? To put it bluntly, I'm too cheap
> to buy a 70 OPC drum when all that's wrong with the one I've got is a
> full waste toner tank!

We used one of these extensively at the company I used to work for,
printing telephone service invoices. It was a very reliable printer.

At any rate, Marilynn, our office manager, used to just dump the waste
toner out of the collector bucket. It never seemed to adversely affect
the printer, even though you're not supposed to do that.

I had two of these (the one from the office and another one I picked up
subsquently). I just got rid of one I believe as I have no more use for
it since I got my very nice Xerox XD125f. I still have the other one but
its fate is nearly decided.

If you weren't all the way over in Jolly Olde England I would send you the
one I still have for parts.

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