Seeking Vectrix programming info.

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 22:59:46 2002

I never had one of these machines, but I Googled the
schematics + service manual. The service manual
actually has significant programming information. I
THINK it was a 6802 or 09, and the service manual has
enough memory map info as I recall. IF you are really
stuck I'll fish around for it.

What struck me on the schematic was how ingenious
(that is, cheap and effective) the hardware was; it
used ONE moto 1408 D/A converter and a very
inexpensive (but obviously good enough) sample and
hold. Jeez, the chip wasn't that expensive (like,
maybe $1.00) even in 1980.

Most of the websites say that this was a great product
but didn't sell quite enough to survive the Great
Video Game Crash.

--- John Allain <> wrote:
> Someone near where I live is selling a Vectrix for a
> decent price and while it would be OK as is...
> I programmed a vector graphics machine (Imlac) in my
> near-childhood (at 19) and it would be wonderful to
> be
> able to do that again.
> Does anybody remember seeing information on the
> instruction set of a Vectrix? It was closed
> architecture
> for a while but it should be publishable by now*.
> John A.
> (*and reply directly to me if you want to keep it
> private)

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