latest anti-haul from the local Goodwill

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Jul 28 10:42:01 2002

Robert Schaefer wrote:
> You'd think so, wouldn't you. I don't know the laws around here, but
> they're either in our favor or not enforced. Around september, when the
> students come back to skool, it's like they just throw *EVERYTHING* out and
> ask daddy for more. Without going too far OT, I've gotten everything from
> complete peaseas and power macs throught RL05. I kid you not-- I pilled a
> pair of 'em from beside a dumpster last year. I'm gonna go back and look
> for the rest of it this year. ;)

Garbage is also where many college kids go shoping for furniture :-)
Your right though, it's amazing the amount of stuff that get pitched at
the end if the year :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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