Wanted WD-100x disk controllers -- NOT for ISA bus

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Mon Jul 29 17:04:01 2002

I've got a SASI to ST-506 / SA400 controller, I think its 8X300 based,
but I'm unsure...

Eric Smith wrote:

>Does anyone have any spare WD-1000, WD-1001, or related disk controllers,
>or documentation on them?
>These are *not* ISA bus cards, they have a parallel interface to a host,
>and control up to four 5.25-inch Winchester disk drives using the ST-506
>or ST-412 interface. (Some models supported older 8-inch drives as well).
>They use the Signetics 8X300 or 8X305 processor, WD-1100 series support
>chips, and firmware in bipolar PROMs.
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