Synertek 6502 chips, 1984 date-code

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Jul 29 20:16:01 2002

>From: "Ross Archer" <>
>"Dwight K. Elvey" wrote:
>> >From: "Ross Archer" <>
>> >>
>> >I have some Synertek NMOS 6502s from various weeks
>> >in 1984, still in their (original?) Synertek static tubes.
>> >(At least, "Synertek" is stamped on the tubes.)
>> >
>> >A few "boy are these stupid" questions:
>> >
>> >1. Does anyone have any cool Synertek lore they'd like to
>> >share with the group? All I know about them is they made
>> >the SYM-1 and were a 6530 second-source. I guess it's safe
>> >to conclude they were also a 6502 second-source. :)
>> >
>> >2. Is this a "Find" in any sense? (I paid all of 30 cents
>> >each for them.) My motivation is to have enough replacement
>> >parts to keep all my 6502-based hardware humming for years
>> >to
>> >come. Though in this case I have several lifetimes' worth.
>> >:)
>> >
>> >3. Is there any reason to fear that these chips will "go
>> >bad"
>> >at any significant rate as they age? Is there any way I
>> >could
>> >store them (reasonably, I mean, no vaccum or outer-space
>> >suggestions, please. :) to maximize their lifespan?
>> Hi
>> Sitting in the tube, they should last for 1000's of
>> years. Moisture is about the only problem. Keep them
>> in a zip-loc with a packet a silca-gel and they will
>> out live you and your grandchildren's grandchildren.
>> Any temperature that a human can live in will have
>> virtually no effect on them.
>Humidity is pretty low in these parts,
>and so should be OK with silica gel.
>As an off-topic digression, isn't silica gel the stuff
>that always comes in little packages labelled
>"Do not eat"? Honestly. Do they really look that
>delicious? :)
>I wonder if this is a new trend and soon pink erasers will
>similar warnings...

That is the stuff. I real don't recommend eating it. Some
come in colored crystals. This will tell you when it needs
to be regenerated. This can't be done while in the plastic
stuff but you can remove it and put it into a metal pan.
Put this in the oven ( I forget the temperature but
I'm sure a web search will find the right info ).
I forget the temperature but when it cools, it is back
to a bluish ( slightly brown from the heat ) color, it is
ready to use again. If it is pink, it has absorbed too much
water and won't do much.

>> >
>> >My plan is to come into work some evening and suit up with
>> >the full anti-static treatment at an EMI bench with my
>> >little
>> >SBC (retrofitted with a 40 pin ZIF socket to avoid bending
>> >their machine-straight little legs), and test them all in
>> >rapid-fire succession. Is there anything inherently dumb
>> >about powering them up?
>> If these are NOS and not test pulls, they should all be
>> functional. No need to test them unless you just feel
>> the urge.
>I do. :)
>Yes, they show all appearances of being NOS that's never
>used in any way.
>I guess you could call it, to paraphrase a famous fast-food
>slogan, the "on and off urge."
>-- Ross
>> Dwight
>> >
>> >Okay, well enough dumb questions. Just looking for
>> >any comments on any of the points, as the spirit moves you.
>> >:)
>> >
>> >-- Ross
>> >
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