Things to do in Kansas?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 12:27:00 2002

--- Joe <> wrote:
> Hi Doc,
> I was out in Overland Park a few weeks ago...

I *almost* got a job there last year at GE ERC (Employee Reinvestment
Corp?). It fell through at the last minute (i.e., the day before I was
told I was supposed to start!) and I accepted the offer for my current
job on the way back home.

Got a buddy there who _should_ be on the list but he has no time. His
toys are newer (like Multias and 2-way PPros) but eventually, I expect
him to eventually gravitate to cooler and cooler boxes. When he does
start collecting stuff that is on-topic, I'll be sure to direct him


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